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OneFile Support



Onefile is a commercial e-portfolio system designed specifically to support the delivery of SVQ awards within a Modern Apprenticeship. The College purchased Onefile as a replacement e-portfolio for the previous system Learning Assistant. We currently hold a two year contract that pays for up to 500 candidates per year to use the OneFile system. The learning technology team provide training and support for those teams who deliver commercial training and will work with relevant teams to ensure that the system is deployed efficiently and cost effectively.


Support includes

1. Insuring that the relevant framework is installed within Onefile in consultation with the relevant academic team and supplier. With the academic team supplying and checking the framework pre-delivery.

2. Training Faculty Centre Managers and Assessors in the operation of the system and providing training materials and information to be cascaded to learners and employers

3. Communicating , Monitoring operation and the deployment of the system - to ensure efficient use and license deployment.

4. Managing Contract with Onefile

5. Maintaining support materials and training materials , an FAQ and establishing and supporting a College Onefile user-group



Roles in Onefile

Onefile has several different user roles that allow access to different parts of the system. A brief description of the most common roles is provided here.

As a staff member you may be assigned more than one role. If this is the case, you will have separate accounts for each role. To make it easier for you manage your account log-ins, we recommend that you create a Onefile Keychain. This will allow you to access all of your accounts with one username and password. See the attached guide for details.

Faculty Centre Managers are responsible for setting up and maintaining a centre. A Centre is effectively a self-contained version of Onefile for one of the college’s faculties or departments. One of the Centre Manager’s most important roles is checking new qualifications that are to be added to the centre. Additionally, they can create any type of user except an enterprise account. They can also create templates to standardise assessments across the centre or reduce the workload of assessors.

Assessors support and evaluates learners working towards qualifications, making sure that they meet the occupational standards required. Assessors are able to create assessment plans; assess and annotate learners’ work; and conduct learner reviews.

Internal Verifiers (IVs) are responsible for checking that assessments are compliant with guidelines and internal processes. An IV account can create sampling policies, create sampling plans and conduct sampling of various types of assessment.

Learners can upload evidence to fulfil criteria for their learning aims. They can also start certain types of assessment on their own, allowing them to work at their own pace.


Learner Training

To aid you in inducting your learners into the Onefile system, we have created several resources for training sessions. You will find a link to a lesson plan in the Learners section of the guide below. This will take you through running an induction session. Additionally, templates have been created in Onefile to demonstrate the different types of task a learner might be expected to do.

Several training accounts have also been created for learners, the login details for these accounts are included with the lesson plan. Before using these accounts please contact the Learning Technologies team so that we can make sure you have an assessor account on the training centre and assign the accounts to you.

If you have any questions or comments about these resources please get in contact with the Learning Technologies team.



Assessor Guides

Assessor Handbook (link to guide)

App Guide for Assessors (link to guide)

Plan and Assessment Workflow (link to flowchart)


Centre Manager Guides

Centre Manager Handbook (link to guide)

OneFile Centre Setup Checklist (link to guide)


Internal Verifier Guides

Internal Verifier Handbook (link to guide)


Learner Guides

Learner Induction Guide (link to guide)

Learners Induction Video Timestamps (video links)

App Guide for Learners (link to guide)

Lesson Plan for Learner Inductions (link to plan)


General Guides

Keychain Creation (link to guide)

OneFile FAQ (link to FAQ)

Glossary (link to glossary)


Visual Quickstart Guide

How to Create a Framework Template (link to visual guide)

How to Create an Assessment Template (link to visual guide)

How to Create an Assessment/Unit Plan Template (link to visual guide)

How to Create an Assessment Plan (link to visual guide)

How to Bulk Import Learners (link to visual guide)